Dantona CAM-322P CAM-322 Rechargeable Replacement Battery

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Alternate Model Numbers: DOTCAM322 CAM322P
Ship Weight (lbs): 1.85
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Dantona CAM-322P CAM-322 Rechargeable Replacement Battery / Each

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Item Description

• 12V;• Long-lasting;• 2,300mAh;• Lead acid;• Rechargeable battery;• Compatible with Intermec(R) 6820, Blaupunkt(R) CR-1500, Blaupunkt(R) CR-1800, Blaupunkt(R) CR-2000S, Blaupunkt(R) RTV-260, Bosch(R) VCC-516, Bosch(R) VCC-526, Bosch(R) VCC-550, Bosch(R) VRP-30, Canon(R) CR-30A, Canon(R) CV-T60, Canon(R) CV-T65, Canon(R) CV-T70, Canon(R) F-1000A, Canon(R) VC-10A, Canon(R) VC-20A, Canon(R) VC-30A, Canon(R) VC-40A, Canon(R) VC50A, Canon(R) VR-30A, Canon(R) VR-40A, Canon(R) VR-50A, Canon(R) YR20A, Canon(R) YR30A, Canon(R) YR40A, Chinon(R) CV-765, Chinon(R) CV-770, Chinon(R) CV-C70, Chinon(R) CV-C800, Chinon(R) CV-T122, Chinon(R) CV-T124, Chinon(R) CV-T60, Chinon(R) CV-T60G, Chinon(R) CV-T65, Chinon(R) CV-T7, Chinon(R) CV-T70, Chinon(R) CV-T72, Chinon(R) CV-T73, Chinon(R) CV-T80, Curtis Mathes(R) 768, Curtis Mathes(R) 770, Curtis Mathes(R) 772, Curtis Mathes(R) 773, Curtis Mathes(R) AV800, Curtis Mathes(R) BV773, Curtis Mathes(R) BV800, Curtis Mathes(R) BV880, Curtis Mathes(R) CV800, Curtis Mathes(R) CV820, Curtis Mathes(R) DV800, Curtis Mathes(R) HV773, Curtis Mathes(R) PV800, Curtis Mathes(R) QD00004, Emerson(R) VHS, General Electric(R) 1CVD5021, General Electric(R) 1CVD5021X, General Electric(R) 1CVD5023, General Electric(R) 1CVD5025, General Electric(R) 1CVD5025B, General Electric(R) 1CVD5025X, General Electric(R) 1CVD5026, General Electric(R) 1CVD5027, General Electric(R) 1CVD5028, General Electric(R) 1CVD5028B, General Electric(R) 1CVK5040, General Electric(R) 1CVM8080, General Electric(R) 1CVP5021, General Electric(R) 1CVP5022, General Electric(R) 1CVP5022B, General Electric(R) 1CVP5022X, General Electric(R) 1CVP5024, General Electric(R) 1CVP5026, General Electric(R) 1CVP5026X, General Electric(R) 1CVP5027, General Electric(R) 1CVP5028, General Electric(R) 1CVP5028B, General Electric(R) 1CVP5030, General Electric(R) 1CVP6022, General Electric(R) 1CVP6024, General Electric(R) 1CVP6026, General Electric(R) 1CVP6028, General Electric(R) 1CVP6030, General Electric(R) 2-9809, General Electric(R) 4020, General Electric(R) 4022, General Electric(R) 4024, General Electric(R) 5022, General Electric(R) 5024, General Electric(R) 5025, General Electric(R) 5026, General Electric(R) 5027, General Electric(R) 5028, General Electric(R) 5030, General Electric(R) 5036, General Electric(R) 5200, General Electric(R) 5424, General Electric(R) 5426, General Electric(R) 5428, General Electric(R) 5430, General Electric(R) 5440, General Electric(R) 5442, General Electric(R) 5458, General Electric(R) 5740, General Electric(R) 5747, General Electric(R) 9-6909, General Electric(R) 9-9605, General Electric(R) 9-9606, General Electric(R) 9-9607, General Electric(R) 9-9608, General Electric(R) 9-9609, General Electric(R) 9-9610, General Electric(R) 9-9805, General Electric(R) 9-9806, General Electric(R) 9-9807, General Electric(R) 9-9808, General Electric(R) 9-9810, General Electric(R) 9-9815, General Electric(R) CG-700, General Electric(R) CG-701, General Electric(R) CG-710, General Electric(R) CG-911, General Electric(R) CG-9805, General Electric(R) CG-9806, General Electric(R) CG-9807, General Electric(R) CG-9808, General Electric(R) CG-9809, General Electric(R) CG-9810, General Electric(R) CG-9815, General Electric(R) CG-9820, General Electric(R) CG-9825, General Electric(R) CG-9915, General Electric(R) CG-9920, General Electric(R) CV-8080, Grundig(R) VS-160, Grundig(R) VS-170, Grundig(R) VS-180, JCPenney(R) 686-5100, JCPenney(R) 686-5110, JCPenney(R) 686-5111, JCPenney(R) 686-5115, JCPenney(R) 686-5116, JCPenney(R) 686-5335, JCPenney(R) 686-5340, JCPenney(R) 686-5350, JCPenney(R) 686-6016, JCPenney(R) 855-8967, JCPenney(R) 855-9163, JVC(R) GS-1000, Magnavox(R) 8292, Magnavox(R) 8293, Magnavox(R) 8294, Magnavox(R) 8380, Magnavox(R) 8474, Magnavox(R) 8475, Magnavox(R) CV5320AV, Magnavox(R) CVJ310, Magnavox(R) CVJ312, Magnavox(R) CVJ320, Magnavox(R) CVJ322, Magnavox(R) CVJ340, Magnavox(R) CVJ350, Magnavox(R) CVJ360, Magnavox(R) CVK332, Magnavox(R) CVK342, Magnavox(R) CVK352, Magnavox(R) CVK360, Magnavox(R) CVK610, Magnavox(R) CVL335, Magnavox(R) CVL345, Magnavox(R) HVS125, Magnavox(R) VHS125, Magnavox(R) VR6570, Magnavox(R) VR8208, Magnavox(R) VR8290GY, Magnavox(R) VR8292, Magnavox(R) VR8293, Magnavox(R) VR8294, Magnavox(R) VR8380, Magnavox(R) VR8400, Magnavox(R) VR8450, Magnavox(R) VR8451, Magnavox(R) VR8453, Magnavox(R) VR8454, Magnavox(R) VR8455, Magnavox(R) VR8456, Magnavox(R) VR8457, Magnavox(R) VR8471, Magnavox(R) VR8472, Magnavox(R) VR8474, Magnavox(R) VR8475, Magnavox(R) VR8480, Magnavox(R) VR8484, Magnavox(R) VR8485, Magnavox(R) VR8486, Magnavox(R) VR8570, Magnavox(R) VR8572, Magnavox(R) VR8585, Magnavox(R) VR8590, Magnavox(R) VR8592, Magnavox(R) VR9143, Magnavox(R) VR9244, Magnavox(R) VR9246, Minolta(R) MV500S, Minolta(R) MV900S, NEC(R) V-200, NEC(R) V-30, NEC(R) V-300, NEC(R) V-40, NEC(R) V-400, NEC(R) V50U, Olympus(R) BP-3, Olympus(R) VC-104, Olympus(R) VC-105, Olympus(R) VC-106, Olympus(R) VF-BP3U, Olympus(R) VF-BP7, Olympus(R) VF-BP7U, Olympus(R) VX-106, Olympus(R) VX-307, Olympus(R) VX-308, Olympus(R) VX-403, Olympus(R) VX-404, Olympus(R) VX-406, Olympus(R) VX-407, Olympus(R) VXS405, Panasonic(R) 5800, Panasonic(R) 5850, Panasonic(R) 8100, Panasonic(R) 8410, Panasonic(R) 8484, Panasonic(R) 8485, Panasonic(R) 8500, Panasonic(R) 8600, Panasonic(R) 9600, Panasonic(R) AG-160, Panasonic(R) AG-170, Panasonic(R) AG-180, Panasonic(R) AG18U, Panasonic(R) AG-190, Panasonic(R) AG-195P, Panasonic(R) AG-2400, Panasonic(R) AG-400P, Panasonic(R) AG-450, Panasonic(R) AG-456P, Panasonic(R) AG-460, Panasonic(R) AG-6400, Panasonic(R) AGBP202, Panasonic(R) AGBP212, Panasonic(R) AG-BP212DX, Panasonic(R) AG-V50, Panasonic(R) EB-362, Panasonic(R) NV-5800, Panasonic(R) NV-5810, Panasonic(R) NV-5850, Panasonic(R) NV-8000, Panasonic(R) NV-8100, Panasonic(R) NV-8110, Panasonic(R) NV-8484, Panasonic(R) NV-8485, Panasonic(R) NV-8500, Panasonic(R) NV-8600, Panasonic(R) NV-9000, Panasonic(R) NV-9000A, Panasonic(R) NV-9600, Panasonic(R) NV-M10, Panasonic(R) NV-M1000, Panasonic(R) NV-M5, Panasonic(R) NV-M7, Panasonic(R) NV-M70, Panasonic(R) NV-M9, Panasonic(R) NV-MS1, Panasonic(R) NV-MS2, Panasonic(R) PK-700, Panasonic(R) PK-802, Panasonic(R) PK-805, Panasonic(R) PK-903, Panasonic(R) PK-956, Panasonic(R) PK-957, Panasonic(R) PK-958, Panasonic(R) PK-959, Panasonic(R) PK-973, Panasonic(R) PK-975, Panasonic(R) PK-976, Panasonic(R) PK-980, Panasonic(R) PV-210, Panasonic(R) PV-220, Panasonic(R) PV-2200, Panasonic(R) PV-300, Panasonic(R) PV-320, Panasonic(R) PV-330, Panasonic(R) PV-350, Panasonic(R) PV-400, Panasonic(R) PV-420, Panasonic(R) PV-425, Panasonic(R) PV-430, Panasonic(R) PV-460, Panasonic(R) PV-5110, Panasonic(R) PV-520, Panasonic(R) PV-5200, Panasonic(R) PV-530, Panasonic(R) PV-535, Panasonic(R) PV-5350, Panasonic(R) PV-5420, Panasonic(R) PV-555, Panasonic(R) PV-575, Panasonic(R) PV-5800, Panasonic(R) PV-5810, Panasonic(R) PV-5850, Panasonic(R) PV-6110, Panasonic(R) PV-645, 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Philips(R) VKR-2000, Philips(R) VKR-6820S, Philips(R) VKR-6850, Philips(R) VKR-6851, Philips(R) VKR-6855, Quasar(R) 2100, Quasar(R) 5400, Quasar(R) 5441, Quasar(R) 5450, Quasar(R) 5451, Quasar(R) 5452, Quasar(R) 5741, Quasar(R) 5744, Quasar(R) 5748, Quasar(R) 5750, Quasar(R) 5751, Quasar(R) 5757, Quasar(R) VE257, Quasar(R) VE551XE, Quasar(R) VM-11, Quasar(R) VM-20, Quasar(R) VM-2100, Quasar(R) VM-21AC, Quasar(R) VM-22AC, Quasar(R) VM-23AC, Quasar(R) VM-24AC, Quasar(R) VM-25AC, Quasar(R) VM-26AC, Quasar(R) VM-27AC, Quasar(R) VM-29AC, Quasar(R) VM-34, Quasar(R) VM-35, Quasar(R) VM-37, Quasar(R) VM-708, Quasar(R) VM-709, Quasar(R) VP-2100, Quasar(R) VP-5400, Quasar(R) VP-5430, Quasar(R) VP-5440, Quasar(R) VP-5441, Quasar(R) VP-5442, Quasar(R) VP-5450, Quasar(R) VP-5451, Quasar(R) VP-5452, Quasar(R) VP-5740, Quasar(R) VP-5741, Quasar(R) VP-5742, Quasar(R) VP-5744, Quasar(R) VP-5747, Quasar(R) VP-5748, Quasar(R) VP-5750, Quasar(R) VP-5751, Quasar(R) VP-5756, Quasar(R) VP-5757, RCA(R) CVA155, Sears(R) 5367, Sears(R) 5368, Sears(R) 53683, Sears(R) 5369, Sears(R) 53691, Sears(R) 5370, Sears(R) 53703, Sears(R) 5399, Sylvania(R) 4520, Sylvania(R) 4525, Sylvania(R) 4527, Sylvania(R) 4530, Sylvania(R) 4540, Sylvania(R) 4546, Sylvania(R) VC157, Sylvania(R) VC4511SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4512SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4513SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4514SL, Sylvania(R) VC4515SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4520, Sylvania(R) VC4525SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4527SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4546, Sylvania(R) VCC151AV01, Sylvania(R) VCC152, Sylvania(R) VCC157, Sylvania(R) VCC159, Sylvania(R) VCC161, Technika C-5010, Technika C-6000, Technika C-6010, Technika C-7100, Technika C-7500, Technika CX-700, Technika CX-711, Technika CX-811, Technika CX-971, Wards(R) 10650, Wards(R)10651, Wards(R) 10652, Wards(R) 10687, General Electric(R) 41679, General Electric(R) 41825, General Electric(R) 41826, General Electric(R) 41827, General Electric(R) 41828, General Electric(R) 41829, General Electric(R) 41830, General Electric(R) 41835, General Electric(R) 41887, General Electric(R) 41888, General Electric(R) 41889, General Electric(R) 41890, General Electric(R) 41891, General Electric(R) 41892, General Electric(R) 41897, General Electric(R) 41981 Bosch(R) BA32-1, Canon(R) BP-100, Canon(R) BP-30, Canon(R) BP-30A, Canon(R) BP-31, Canon(R) BP-32, Canon(R) BP-E30A, Chinon(R) CV-BP-30A, Chinon(R) CV-BP-31, Chinon(R) CV-BP-32, Chinon(R) CV-BP80, Chinon(R) CV-BP82, Curtis Mathes(R) KB00003, Curtis Mathes(R) VSBS-0011, Elmo(R) BP-10, Elmo(R) ER-10, Elmo(R) PVB P80, Empire(TM) EPP-100C, Energizer(R) CV-3012, General Electric(R) 1CVA125, General Electric(R) 1CVA155, Grundig(R) BP-122, JCPenney(R) 686-5360, JCPenney(R) 688-2922, Magnavox(R) AR8378BK01, Magnavox(R) V80039BK01, Magnavox(R) V80086BK01, Magnavox(R) VR8208AV01, Magnavox(R) VR8245BK01, Magnavox(R) VR8294AF, Magnavox(R) VR9240AV, Magnavox(R) VSBS0011, Maxell - M1220, Minolta(R) BP-2, Minolta(R) BP-25, Motorola(R) SNN4139A, NEC(R) VB-30U, Panasonic(R) 2312AVBNC, Panasonic(R) 2312P, Panasonic(R) BP-80, Panasonic(R) BP-88Q, Panasonic(R) EPK1185, Panasonic(R) LC-S2012A, Panasonic(R) LC-S2012AV, Panasonic(R) LC-S2312, Panasonic(R) LC-SA122R3BU, Panasonic(R) LC-SA122R3CU, Panasonic(R) LC-SA122R3U, Panasonic(R) PV-BP80, Panasonic(R) PV-BP88, Panasonic(R) PV-BP88A/1H, Panasonic(R) VSB0011, Panasonic(R) VSBS001, Panasonic(R) VW-VB30, Panasonic(R) VW-VB31, Panasonic(R) VW-VBF2E, Panasonic(R) VW-VBM10, Panasonic(R) VW-VBM7E, Philips(R) AR8378BK, Philips(R) V80039BK, PowerDex PC1220, Power-Sonic(R) PS-1223, Quasar(R) VE551, Radio Shack(R) 23-187, Saft(R) RC1220, SWITCH VC4506, SWITCH -VC4530, SWITCH -VC4540SL01, SWITCH VC4545, SWITCH VCC151AVO1, SWITCH VCC-157, Sylvania(R) VC4540SL01, Sylvania(R) VC4545, Twin 23-0038, Twin TW1218, Twin TW620, Twin TW813, Twin TW909, Universal Battery UB1223A, Zenith(R) VAC905, Energizer(R) CV3012, Panasonic(R) LCS2012A, Panasonic(R) LCS2012AV, Panasonic(R) LCS2312, Panasonic(R) LCSA122R3BU, Panasonic(R) LCSA122R3CU, Interstate(R) CAM0260 & Forbatt FB1223;
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